No Formal Training

Local creative person Sarah Bishop, interviewed by Newell in Buffalo Rising: “I have no formal training in photography. In fact, I have no formal training in any number of pursuits that I have undertaken over the years. The recurring lesson through such a methodology is a valuable one: I am able to create and make manifest my truest desires without the persistent need for perfection. And I am best able to explore the vastness that only an untrained mind can produce.”

Sarah’s current show is Metamorphosis, Mundo Images, 500 Franklin Street. Opens during the Greater Allentown First Friday Gallery Walk on November 1.

Lynx Woods

Just one of Charles Burchfield’s many obsessions, which he pursued his long, productive life:

“To the Big Woods painting — . . . I spent some time wandering around in the woods trying to find just the right spot to carry out my idea, which has obsessed [me] for some time (the lynx woods giving the feeling of the coming of winter into the glory of autumn.) A blue jay kept calling, and sporting in the tree tops – a wild blood-tingling call.”

—Charles E. Burchfield, October 17, 1956