What I’m Doing Now

I connect people with each other.

I work for pay selling reclaimed building materials as the store manager at ReUse Action in Buffalo. ReUse Action is a for-profit continuation of Buffalo ReUse, a not-for-profit we founded in 2006. We’ve recently regained control over the Buffalo ReUse not-for-profit.

I’m also responsible for communications, promotion and publicity and a fair portion of the technology. I direct our web presence and I manage and maintain The Guild @980, a business incubator we run in our building on Buffalo’s East Side.

I’m a co-founder of The Foundry, a business incubator and makerspace, started up in 2012. I have a continuing interest in small business, startups, craft and small-scale manufacturing.

My community initiatives on the Web are the Preservation-Ready Sites website, which I started in 2013, and Brick Streets, a revival of an earlier list of Buffalo’s brick and stone streets.

I’m on Mastodon Social as @kevinphayes. I write a blog post here from time to time, but I’m just not voluble enough to be a frequent blogger. I like the ideas of IndieWeb, fundamentally “Control your own stuff”, but haven’t found the bandwidth to explore it more fully.

My small biz craft initiatives are woodworking, bookbinding, web development, CNC fabrication and print production.